Argentinian by nature, American by destiny, Doctor by vocation, and Artist through self-discovery and passion.


Though I have no formal education, life took me by the hand and pulled me towards painting.


About six years ago, I learned how to paint in a wonderful studio surrounded by interesting women and one very supportive teacher. I was surrounded by women from different backgrounds and parts of the world, with different pasts, sorrows, and happiness’s, but with one common denominator… a passion for art and the freedom of this form of expression.


Through that experience, I discovered a talent that existed within me; heightened by my classes and my tribe of fellow art-lovers. I love to see how a painting develops and matures, how it materializes from just a sketch to a real entity unto itself.


I hope to instill the fiery passion of Argentina, the complexity of America, the pragmatism of medicine, and the beauty of a new perspective in my pieces. Art has provided me incredible moments of joy and growth. So thank you and enjoy!


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Pato Barg Fine Art